Tucson Indian Jewelry Video

First of all, this is a video featuring Route 66 Indian Jewelry from Tucson Indian Jewelry. Consequently, the American Antique Mall in Tucson, Arizona is the home of Route 66 Indian Jewelry. As a result, we sell jewelry from golden age tourist jewelry manufacturers. Hence, these companies include Bell Trading Post, Maisel’s Trading Posts, H.H. Temmens, Arrow Products, and other companies in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Most noteworthy, Route 66 Indian jewelry refers to stamped tourist jewelry for sale in trading posts and tourists stops along Route 66 in the golden age of travel. The golden age of travel started when the highway was completed from Chicago to Las Angeles. This action opens up the Western United States to common people to experience the wild west and all it has to offer. Collectors also call this jewelry Fred Harvey Jewelry.

Please enjoy the video!

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